General Plumbing Checklist

Homeowners Plumbing Maintenance Tips

Every month you have a list of house chores just to maintain. These include gardening, lawn, exterior and interior painting, window cleaning, and the list goes on. Plumbing is one of the house chores that likely gets skipped in weekly or monthly checklists. However, your plumbing is crucial to your drinking water, toiletries and water for bathing and showing. So, it literally can pay to keep an eye on plumbing issue regularly, not only to save you money, but to preview costly repairs.

Plumbing Maintenance

  • Check for deteriorating plumbing pipes or stuck valves around kitchen sing hook-ups, bathroom connections and even exterior faucets. Pipes and valves can deteriorate over time, thereby causing leaks, water damage and expensive repairs, mold or mildew growth from water leaking.
  • Check your water meters. Normally, these are located near the street or curb from the city. These valves provide the water to your home. Check the connections and see that there are no visible leaks at the valve or sunken spots in your lawn, which could indicate a slow leak in the piping to your home.
  • Check your outdoor valves for your water hose connections as well as sprinkler systems as well. Valves in your exterior connections are exposed to heat and cold over time and can corrode to the point you need to have a new one installed. In addition, the
  • Check your appliances, especially your refrigerator. Your refrigerator water line needs to be checked periodically including the copper tubing, shut-off-valves and filter cartridges. Also, remember to check your dishwasher, especially underneath to verify that the pan or supply line is not leaking on the floor and running under the cabinets in your kitchen.


  • Faucets and toilet – A leaking faucet or running toilet can waste up to 250 gallons of water a day! Repairing or replacing them can cut down on utility and sewer bills.
  • Shower and tub – Inspect showers and tubs for leak-free operation and proper diverter and drain function. Also check that the shower head is clean.
  • Lastly, remember to inspect the laundry room to check on the hot and cold water connections, as well as making sure the drain pipe from your washer is firmly fixed so that water doesn’t flood the room and destroy the walls from leaked drainage water.

Common plumbing services that Pope Plumbing Provides:

  • Tankless water heaters
  • Gas or electric water heaters
  • Water purification/conditioning systems
  • Replace or repair fixtures and faucets
  • Repair or replace toilets and garbage disposals
  • Installation of gas dryers, ranges and ice makers
  • Gas piping to grills, fire logs and pools
  • Water line repair or replacement