Get to Know Your Home’s T&P Valve

In homes with a hot water heater, you will find a temperature and relief valve on the top or side of the water heater tank. The T&P valve is essential to the relief of water pressure from your water heater.

Whether it’s in the house closet or out in the garage, this valve is vitally important to water heater safety and should be checked on a regular basis to prevent possible flooding in and around your house. Pope Plumbing will be glad to check your T&P valve as well as your water heater and inspect it for leaks or problems, likely saving you a considerable amount of money as opposed to waiting for it to leak.

On the exterior of your home, you will find a tube leading downward from the exterior into the ground. This provides relief for your water heater and can save it from exploding and thereby flooding the interior of your home.

Have a question about your T&P valve? Contact Pope Plumbing about scheduling an appointment for a water heater check-up, where will address any possible issues with your home’s T&P valve safety.